(626) 821-5453

40 East Duarte Road, Arcadia, CA 91006

Open Monday - Sunday Noon - 8pm

40 East Duarte Road, Arcadia, CA 91006

(626) 821-5453

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Welcome To Red Hot Tattoo!

Walk-ins Always Welcome!

Red Hot Tattoo and Piercing has been the standard in the Arcadia area for Tattooing and Body Piercing since 1995. We carry a large selection of body jewelry perfect for any piecing, be it your first or if your celebrating 100! We are a no flash tattoo shop, so all of our work is custom. Typically we book 2 - 3 hour sessions and appointments can be made online with a deposit. You are also able to email your artist directly and send them any art you might have.

Red Hot Tattoo is closed Monday & Tuesday
Open from 12 noon to 8pm Wednesday - Saturday
Open from 3pm to 8pm on Sunday

We rock the house... oh yes... yes we do.

Jen, Joe and Pat offer outstanding customer service and craftsmanship! They're down to earth, professional and way nice, unlike a lot of other douche bag wanna-be hxc tatt shops out there. I won't go anywhere else for a tattoo!

Sophia W. Yelp Review

Tattoo Aftercare

There are a wide variety of opinions on just how to care for a tattoo once you return home. The most important thing to consider is the cleanliness in dealing with an open wound, washing the tattoo and your hands properly, and what type of ointment is applied to the tattoo. Read More About Tattoo Aftercare