We are a custom tattoo shop. We specialize in creating a one of a kind designs for you. That means we have no pre-made designs to choose from and our walls are not filled with generic tattoo designs that you can pick and stick. We have lots of beautiful original artworks on the walls, meant to inspire you to create something unique with your artist, something no one else on the planet has.

We do have some books of “flash” artworks created by us and other tattooers we admire, again, meant to inspire you and charge your creativity by showing you great examples of what is possible. We do not tattoo these designs as-is. If you see something you MUST have, let your artist know and he will create something special for you in that style, without plagiarizing another artists work.

Its important to us that you get something no one else has, and it should be important to you too. Imagine standing in line at the grocery store and seeing the guy in line in front of you with your EXACT TATTOO. To us this is a worst case scenario, and something we see all too often, with the saturation of Pinterest and Instagram images going around.

We have lots of reference material if you aren’t sure what you want, look through some books, ask some questions, talk to an artist and together, we can create something absolutely stunning for you, and you can feel not good, but GREAT about it and know that your tattoo is a true one of a kind.